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What You Should Know About The Three Act Structure

When it comes to the three-act structure, it is a widely used technique for planning out and implementing screenplays. For so many years this style has been used by experienced writers and even the ones who are coming up and the best thing about it is that, it has really evolved but the setting never changes. The three-act structure is based on the introduction of a story, the body which is the mid part and the third part which is the end. The introduction should mostly consist of the introduction of the story whereby a writer introduces his characters to the audience. When you are introducing the characters to your audience you need to focus on making sure that your audience are having a clue of what the story is talking about. It is the work of a writer to make sure that they introduce a character or an issue which will later on make the audience to be more interested so that they can continue watching it. This can be done by introducing suspense or even an exciting scene to the story in order to capture the attention of your audience.

In between the first act and the last act you will find the mid-act that is known to be quite wider because many things are talked about in this part. The screenwriter usually develops a strong narrative, this part is known to be very challenging for a writer because they have already introduced the characters to the audience. They ought to make sure that whatever they write is still appealing to their audience as they continue with the storyline. It is important for a writer to ensure that they find new ways in order to make their narrative interesting. In order for you to do so you need to ensure that you use the subplots which should be merged with the storyline and still be part of the story. The story of the character escalates even more and the writer can choose to develop more exciting scenes and then they can later on start the last part which is basically the ending.

The last part is basically the end of a story and it is a bit shorter than the rest of the acts. This act is mainly about disagreements between the protagonist and their antagonists. This is the act whereby the writer finishes the story by making sure that the audience understands every role of the characters before the whole story ends.

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