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Tell Tale Signs of Losing Yourself In A Relationship

There is a tendency that we take on some of the characteristics of the people we love after being with them for some time and so will they. It may also lead to having similar likes and dislikes. An example of this is when one now likes watching a certain type of show which he or she did not care to watch before. If you love your partner, you tend to try to like what he or she likes and you later find out that what they like is also appealing to you. On the other side, our love one also does the same.

No matter how long you stay together, it is best to keep your own identity. You might forget who you are if you don’t do this. If you feel you are losing yourself, read on.

Learn more about the signs that you are lost in your relationship.

What is there is only “we” and no “me.” Using “we” most of the time instead of “me” shows that you are too dependent on your partner and you cannot do things on your own.

You do things you never did because of the person you love. Even if we sometimes do not admit it, we do have morals. Did you have strong morals before you went into your relationship? Is your partner influencing you to do otherwise? Were you a health buff before but now you are looking the other way when he does unhealthy things?

Seriously, there might be abuse but you should not just accept it. Being abused by your partner should not be kept a secret.

Your concerns have become the least important. Did you have to leave your things behind to stay in his place? No one should prevent you from holding on to something you hold dearly. Some think of this as nothing. But it tells something. If you cannot keep things you value, it seems you allowed your partner to hold more value than you.

You mostly go for his decision. At times many couples have difficulty getting into an agreement about something but in the end one of them wins. So try to remember how many times did your partner agree to your choice? Without knowing it, you already lost yourself.

You realize that you want time to be alone. There are times we all need to be alone. Have your alone times seem to have gone? If you notice that all your spare time is given to your partner, consider that you are losing yourself. A possessive, jealous partner might not be willing to allow you some free time. You do not have to attend all corporate functions for your partner if you are not comfortable.

So after what you read made you realize that you are losing yourself, it’s time to resolve issues with your mate or get help from experts. Check out more pages to get more info about this issue.